Video: this is what the daily life of a sports photographer looks like during Covid-19

During this time of Covid-19, many sporting seasons and events have been interrupted.While some sports are resuming games, it is sometimes behind closed doors, with no supporters.Paul Rutherford, a sports photographer in Boston, shared in one of his last videos his daily life during the Covid-19.

Paul Rutherford, who regularly shares making of his images or sports photographer tips on Instagram and Youtube, recently covered a Boston Red Sox - Baltimore Orioles game in MLB, the major league baseball in the United States, which took place.unfolded without any audience.

In this short video, we can see the camera equipment he takes with him on his mission.Paul Rutherford uses cameras placed in different places of the stadium to capture scenes from other angles.The trigger is synchronized between the different housings.

An interesting point: the photographer prepares the text for his captions in advance with the names of the players, in order to save time to send the photos to the server for editing.A common practice among sports photographers who use the Photo Mechanic software.

On the same theme, the documentary One Shot, Photographing the Olympic Games (in English) is also to be seen, which looks back at the profession of sports photographer in the very specific context of the Olympics:

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Posted Date: 2020-09-11

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